Perfect harmony between modernity and rurality

Located right at the heart of the town of Steinsel, just opposite the church, ÄERDBIER is much more than just a real-estate project. Essentially, it's an innovative urban planning concept that is radically revitalising the heart of this town that is so steeped in history. ÄERDBIER will create a new identity at the heart of Steinsel.

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Steinsel was already a place of major settlement during the time of the Romans. This is proven by the remains of numerous dwellings found at the site of the Place de l’Eglise. The municipality has become an influential ecclesiastical centre over the centuries and was renowned for the production and sale of broad beans, potatoes and strawberries by the end of the Second World War. The name of the project was not picked at random. Äerdbier means strawberry in Luxembourgish. It clearly aspires to blend in, as harmoniously as possible, into the existing rural fabric.

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Zone de rencontre (shared space)

Amenities and community life

Steinsel is also an ideal location, a perfect blend of modernity and community life in a green setting. The municipality has managed to retain its rural character, with its 363 hectares of sustainably managed communal forests and its splendid orchards where the traditional apple harvest takes place every year. It also has a bustling neighbourhood, with a wide range of services and businesses such as a large grocery store, a bakery, a pharmacy, a medical centre, restaurants, sports centres, a school, a hotel, a nursery, a retirement home and a host of other services within a radius of less than five kilometres, such as supermarkets, petrol stations, a wellness centre, florist, nursery, a shoemaker and a veterinary clinic.

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Another advantage of Steinsel is its accessibility, given the major roads and motorways nearby. The capital is less than ten kilometres away, and Steinsel offers suitable transport connections while providing access to the nearby Heisdorf railway station. For those who prefer soft mobility, it will only take a few minutes of cycling to reach Heisdorf station. You can leave your bicycle in a secure space. The use of public transport has been free throughout the Grand-Duchy since 1 March 2020.

Experience peace and quiet...

Located in a dynamic town that has a cosmopolitan and multicultural population, ÄERDBIER is, nevertheless, a haven of peace and greenery where everything has been thought out on a human scale to preserve the peace and calm of its residents.

The project comprises 47 flats spread over six two- and three-storey blocks of flats, which also include stores and a restaurant. A basement that is shared by all the blocks of flats offers 85 parking spaces with the option of electric charging as well as spaces for bicycles. The entire complex is set in a park designed by a landscape architect. Being a public space, the park is reserved exclusively for pedestrians, ensuring an interaction with the centre of Steinsel. It has paths lined with trees and plants, a children’s play area and spaces for relaxing.

The ÄERDBIER project is designed for people who want to enjoy a place that is close to everything, peaceful, in harmony with nature and neighbourhood living, while offering high ecological and energy standards.

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The urban planning concept

On the one hand, the two traditional buildings with duopitch roofs, designed and located along the main road, together with the existing buildings, form the public area of Place de l'Eglise.

On the other hand, four new blocks of flats of contemporary architecture with flat roofs are located in a newly created public park, which is connected to the Place de l'Eglise.

Together, they form a harmonious whole on a human scale, interacting with the surrounding areas while respecting the existing rural fabric and offering an ideal living environment.

It is also important to note that the local authority has planned to convert the Place de l'Eglise into a new shared space. This is to ensure that all users, be they pedestrians, cyclists or motorists, make fair use of the urban space.

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Contemporary and modular homes

Contemporary and comfortable, the ÄERDBIER homes are suitable for all ages and cater to all living situations: from studios and penthouses to one-, two- and three-bedroom flats. Whatever the size, each home offers unparalleled quality and comfort, with underfloor heating, home automation, good-quality materials and fine finishes.

A key focus has been to respect the environment through improved energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies: solar panels on the roofs for domestic hot water, photovoltaic panels for electricity, triple-glazed windows, green roofs, double facing brick walls for the blocks of flats located in the park and insulated facades with traditional rendering for the buildings overlooking the Place de l'Eglise. Each block of flats complies with the standards in force and is classified in energy class AAA or ABA.

Moreover, the practical aspect has not been overlooked. Each flat has a cellar, and each block of flats has a shared laundry room.

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The CDCL-Dellizotti partnership: an undeniable guarantee of quality

If the ÄERDBIER project has succeeded in its ambitious challenge of giving new impetus to the centre of Steinsel, it is, undoubtedly, thanks to the partnership between CDCL and Dellizotti. These two construction companies, anchored in the Luxembourg market for several generations, share a sensitivity to architectural beauty, choice of materials, quality of finishes and the unconditional well-being of the occupants.

Through their constant focus on rigour, integrity and precision, CDCL and Dellizotti guarantee you high-quality, innovative and energy-efficient homes.

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